Why do photographers call photos investments? I used to think it was silly, but I our memory fades, photos help bring those memories back, which means the longer we hold these images, the more they're worth. If that's not an investment, I don't know what is.


$1000 and up

Do you want to spend a few hours together somewhere gorgeous with a small group and just get married? This is you.

Full-Day Wedding Coverage


You have a full day planned, and you want photos of all the good stuff. I'll be there for up to 8 hours documenting your wedding, pouring my heart into your images. Need more time? I can do that. Need two photographers? We can make that happen. Let's chat.

Family Photos

$200 and up

Time flies and we need to freeze it for a moment to see how awesome it was....spend some time with me and we'll make some images with your family that make you smile.

Everyone's needs are different...use the button below if you have more questions!