i love what i do

Hi, I'm Dave.

I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer in Northern California. I'm crazy about people. I love meeting new people and this career is really just my excuse to meet you and be friends...and then my new friends (that's you) invite me to a party and ask me to do something I LOVE, and tell me that they trust me. Are you kidding!? I'm very grateful for my work. 

I love photographing couples who are self-diagnosed as awkward in front of the camera...they don't know how to fake it, and that's perfect. They are the lucky ones who get real pictures of themselves (and they usually do a great job)

I insist on spending time with my clients before their wedding when possible so we can build a relationship and I can better understand who they are and how they should be photographed

What am I up to when I'm not joining people on their amazing wedding days or hanging out with families on a cool afternoon?  

I love woodworking, old trucks, dark chocolate, coffee, The Office episodes for the 20th time, Harry Potter (I'm a nerd, okay?) and raising two kids into (hopefully) two bad ass adults.  

LOVE IS LOVE. I am inclusive of whatever your love looks like, and would love to hear from you as long as you care about your partner and your photos. 

If I'm speaking your language, let's connect and talk more about what makes you happiest.